Fast Food That I Can Stand Behind

by Girl Gone Domestic

I owe it to Twitter.  That is how I found them.  I followed them, they followed me, that’s how it works. But then I decided it was time to “meet”.  And now I’m going to introduce you as well.  I am going to introduce you to Green Go Food.

My friend Maria and I started off to Ballard in search of their new store front location. We had visited their website, drooled over the menu, and read their story. This was definitely a business we wanted to support.  They are a young couple, with a child, running a business that supports local sustainable agriculture and products.  They are environmentally conscientious as well.

So what exactly is Green Go Food?  It is “fast food with a conscience”, and it is darn good too.  So as I said, off we went in search of what ended up being the tastiest, most unique hamburger I have ever eaten.

We got a little “lost”, but we asked around and people knew, “Green Go Food?  “Oh yes, the little place.”  And when we finally came around the corner, there it stood, the very small brick building with green, yellow and blue accents.  Quirky and welcoming.


As we entered I (being a mom) couldn’t help but noticed the kiddie table strewn with toys tucked in the corner of the cramped little restaurant, my kind of place!  That’s where we met the owner, Dylan.  Friendly, helpful, patient, obviously excited about the food he serves.  He even “tried” to help me get the best deal on what I was ordering. We took a seat out front to wait on the hamburgers we ordered.  Hamburgers made with Skagit River Ranch organic beef (& bacon that I ordered extra).  And when it came, oh boy…


The burgers are topped with greens and a seasonal relish, for us, morrels and green onions. They are served on what looks like focaccia bread.  They didn’t have fries, which had Maria a little disappointed, but their sides are more than delicious, with choices of potato salad, polenta cakes, griddled vegetables, and salad. They change with what’s in season.


Polenta Cakes

The taste of these burgers is remarkable.  The only thing we could do was utter  “mmmm” and nod yes to each other over and over.  I would have to say this was the most flavorful burger I have ever eaten.  Maria’s take?  “This is the kind of food that makes life worth living.”

So, if you’re ever in Ballard, Washington (they also feed some of the local Farmer’s markets), hunt down Green Go Food, and live a little.

Update: September 2009 Green Go Food closes its doors. Wishing them all the best as they move forward.