Changing Seasons

by Girl Gone Domestic

In my last post I was pining for summer, which did indeed arrive.

In fact, it has come and gone, bringing us to October.  And a fine October it has been, with sun, sun and more sun, in combination with crisp falling leaves and cold nights.

Times flies when you are having fun, so they say.  I tend to think that times just flies.  Does this mean I’m getting older?

I am a year older since my last post.  Older, but feeling younger and stronger.

I entered the world of CrossFit this summer along with my son Jon and I am amazed at how much I actually love to work out now.  Well, “love” might be a slight exaggeration, but like much for sure.   When it comes to exercise I tend to have ADD, so I really do best when things are switched up often.  That is one of the reasons (there are many) why I love my Yoga flow class, constant movement and changing poses.  CrossFit is quick paced and to the point.  And did I mention that I love lifting weights?  True.  So yes, I am feeling stronger.

Jon doing deadlifts like a champ.

Evelyn picking blueberries like a champ at Mountain Blueberry Farm.  This girl was a picking machine, she didn’t want to stop.

Summer brought a bout of baby chicks, much to Hannah’s delight.  She is our animal lover.

Lazy summer days also brought a bout of dirty dishes. Keeping it real here.

Lazy summer days, spent at the beach.

Summertime farmer’s markets are the best.

Dahlias at the market herald the coming of autumn.

While the kids with food allergies were away, I took Evie on trips for ice cream cones.  Every kid should experience an ice cream goatee.

A quick & simple real food dinner.  Eggs, which we have in abundance all summer long and summer vegetables.

Hannah and I spent a whole day in the big city celebrating our birthdays and by whole day, I mean we didn’t get home until almost midnight.

I was not the only one getting older this summer, Ben lost his very first tooth.  He pulled it out like a real man.

An October evening in the U-District.  I love that golden hour when the sun sits low in the sky casting its gleam on everything.

Peaceful & Crimson

“After months of high pressure decisions,

Should we barbeque or go swimming?

The sun is shining, quick, let’s get busy, we better not miss it!

We better seize the summer while it is still with us!

After lazy days of heat,

After vacations with expectations too crazy to meet,

After many occasions to hang in the company of strangers in less clothes than is perhaps comfortable to see,

We head back into schools and buildings and cool air and routines.

Welcome back September, thanks for taking the pressure off of me.

Fall is like the comfortable bed you like to fall into.

It is like the hug you have been wanting, even while resisting.

Summer comes and takes you with it, whisks us off in excitable conditions.

Exhaustion calls and we weaken, but autumn just waits, peaceful and crimson.

If summer is paper, than fall is scissors.

Autumn is royalty that willingly gave up the throne.

Now she roams the land with the people and turns the soil,

Subtle and equal and work and joy.

And September is her new old soul,

says we can lift off or let go,

or stop and start over.

Reinvention, the lesson we learn from the leaves.

Can I too turn another hue now please?

And if I seemingly have nothing new to match this incoming season,

my job and its tasks repeating, 

my heart beating at a steady pace,

no passionate fever, no back to school either.

Well, I remember that it is inaccurate to measure change with constant features.

So, I thank the changing weather,

pull out my favorite sweaters, 

welcome a new season’s teachers.

Fall, with all your promises of crisp air and crunchy leaves,

Fresh starts alongside the death of things,

I must say, you deserve a cheer from the highest bleacher.”

-Tanya Davis