Sunday Tradition

by Girl Gone Domestic

We’ve started a new Sunday afternoon family tradition.

Sunday drives to the river, complete with picnic, weather permitting.

We found this great little spot that has a sandy beach and a shallow swimming hole with a natural rock barrier that separates the shallows from the rapids, making it safe for the small folks to wade around.

To get to our spot on the river, we take a beautiful drive near a snow-covered glacier and pass many beautiful meadows and pastures.  I attempt to snap photos through an open window on the passenger side, while Ray LaMontagne’s Pandora station plays through the radio.

When we get to our destination, I spread my blanket and pillows out and make myself comfy with my recent read and an ice-cold Kombucha.  Peter does a little gold panning, a recent interest he has taken up, and the kids dig in the sand, wade in the water, have pine cone fights and munch on snacks.  Sometimes we hike around and explore the area.  It is blissful and restful, which is what Sundays are all about, right?

The road to our destination.

Beautiful farmland beneath the glacier.

Forest filtered sunshine.

Their Dad raises little hikers.


Hillside flowers & greenery.

Passenger self portraits.

Cattle grazing as the sun begins to set.

A photo that reminds me of my blogging friend Judy and her horse friends.

Judy is a beautiful soul who lives a peaceful life on a small farm near the mountains.

Evelyn balancing.

My restful space.

The essentials.