A Trip to the Sunny State, California – Big Sur Route Edition

by Girl Gone Domestic

Round two of my trip.

After two days in the San Francisco area, we drove on down the coast to Santa Cruz.  Talk about beautiful scenery!  And what a fantastic road trip, the sun shining, the perfect playlist on the iPod, windows down, the ocean air, and the beautiful aquamarine colored ocean.

This is definitely on the agenda for a future family trip.

Drive by photography.

Imagine my joy at seeing pasture raised cows living right next to the ocean! These have to be some happy animals.

This blue green water was breathtaking, to say the least.

Picnicking on a cliff above the ocean.

Warm weather flowers.  Anyone know what these are?

The spirit garden next to the Big Sur Bakery, where we stopped for iced coffees.

Human nest.

The gas station near the Big Sur Bakery.

Blue sky, sunshine, iced coffee, cactuses, overhearing the conversations of artists and vagabonds. We sat a while to take it all in.

Rest stops and attempts at self portraits, which you will be spared from seeing.

A stop at a road side stand. We left with 8 local avocados for $2.

Next up, Santa Cruz edition.