Big Sky Montana & Brotherly Love

by Girl Gone Domestic

Time & space.  Years & miles.

They had created a chasm.

An almost 3 year-long and 900 mile wide chasm.

And I wanted to bridge it.

So with the help of my Dad, I loaded our three youngest and drove (I should say “rode”, my Dad drove it all) across 3 states to see my brother, sister-in-law and my two sweet little nieces, whom I hardly knew.

It was a long drive, but so worth it.

Family is worth it.

Sometimes we forget.

Even without time & space, there can be differences & opinions, busyness or a host of other things that we let come between ourselves and the people whom God has given us.

He chose them for us, and us for them.

You don’t choose your family, but you do choose to love them.

And I do love my brother, he makes it easy.

He is funny, gregarious, a great cook, and an attentive father, and along side my sister-in-law, who is accepting and comfortable, they make a pretty fun couple to hang with.  They will make you laugh…a lot.

My nieces are also a dynamic duo.  They both have the thick, beautiful dark hair of their mom. Elsie is talkative, tender-hearted & creative and Bailey is a shadow of my brother’s childhood self, rascally with a heart melting smile that helps her get what she wants.

And I miss them all already.

Cousins, rubber boots & the Missouri River

A family stroll

The kids soak up some Montana sun with Uncle David

Miss Bailey

Simon feeds the birds with uncle David

Fearless Bailey sneaks a pet


Beautiful wide open spaces

Elsie taught the boys about the simple joy of tossing fallen leaves into the air

Bailey tosses leaves too, but ends up wearing one as a hair accessory

Cousins “shootin’ the breeze” Montana style

Can’t visit Montana without doing a little cattle ropin’

Elsie rides the “cow train” at the pumpkin farm, she’s squinting because it was SO windy

Grandpa doing his thing

Pumpkin farmin’

The don’t call it “Big Sky Montana” for nothing