Autumn Whispers

by Girl Gone Domestic

It’s coming; I can feel it and smell it.

Autumn is hinting at its coming in these August days.

The sun shines but I reach for my sweater.  The spiders spin and the zucchini plant overwhelms me with her abundance of fruit.

I find myself yearning to buy new pencils, glue sticks, and college ruled paper.

I begin to forget how I longed for hot summer days at the beach.

I know my dearest friend will sigh at this, she is summer’s biggest fan.  The sun breathes life into her.  We love sunny days spent together, but I can’t help but envision cool fall afternoons spent in cozy coffee shops, talking of the changes in our lives that will have taken place by then.

 I am September’s child and come August, I start to feel it in my innermost being. It is when I feel most creative and homey.

My body is moved by the changing of the seasons: summer’s energy, autumn’s calm, and the overwhelming fatigue of winter gives way to renewed lightness in early spring as I look forward to planting.

It is how I am made and so I am learning to succumb to these changes. To flow with the seasons.

But for now, it is still summer.  And for now the kids & I spend afternoons away from home, running, playing, sweating; my friend & I sit or walk in the sun near the water and talk in excited & energetic tones.

For now.

Warm evening walks with this gang can get a little crazy, making me grateful we live on a dead end road with few neighbors along it.

People walk across this, but Maria & I are more cautious than that, we settle on taking a peek and a picture instead.

Summer grasses sway in the sun.

Walking along the Marina as the sun lowers in the sky.

Maria & I sit on the dock close to the water. We agree that, if it weren’t so windy, we would dip our feet  in.

We talk long, as the boats and windsurfers glide by.

The kites flutter along the horizon as the sun makes the water look like molten gold.