Here & There

by Girl Gone Domestic

Maria & I always end up here, where we sip on fizzy Kombucha over ice; on the sunny days, we sit at the little cafe tables outside.

Gray & rainy summer days find me in desperate places, like giant indoor inflatable play areas, where the kids slide & jump until they sweat.

You might even see me take a turn on one of those big slides.

Desperate times, desperate measures.

In between sunny days, the rain makes our grass grow long & green and the kids grow confused about what they should wear.

Shorts with rubber boots usually do the trick.

Nothing like a good meal with a good friend, especially when that friend loves food as much as you do.

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar

Ferry rides at sunset with my beloved.  Romance at its finest.

A walk along the bluff in Magnolia, the second largest neighborhood in Seattle, where rust colored Madronas grow tall and towering.

“Although magnolia trees do line W. McGraw Street in the neighborhood’s commercial district, Magnolia’s naming was actually a misnomer. While out at sea, Captain Vancouver saw the huge madrona trees atop the peninsula’s southern bluffs but mistook them for magnolias and noted this in the ship’s log. Groups are actively working to save the remaining madronas on the bluff.”   -Wikipedia

This rainforest type weather brings the bugs out, and our hens enjoy the feast.

After a day in the big city with my dear friend, we take one last look at the city in all its night-time glory from Kerry Park.