Ebb & Flow

by Girl Gone Domestic

Last week a flu virus made its way through every member of the family, save one.  Our van (and it’s transmission) decided to take a vacation alone out on the coast where Peter & the kids had taken it to do a 4 day hike, and our washing machine decide to take a break, leaving me contemplating a trip to the laundry mat.


…it’s a new week. And this week finds some of us well again and some of us recovering well, our van repaired by my heroic husband and master mechanic and the washing machine and I all caught up on our work.  This week finds me reminded that life is full of the ups and downs, and there is really no point in kicking or screaming about it.  When I flow with what life brings my way, every day can be a good day, mostly because when things are less than ideal, I know that it won’t last.

This week finds us soaking up the summer sun or playing in the shade, eating homemade popsicles and watermelon, and being thankful for calm tummies and clean clothes and bedding.