Solitude 87/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

Here I am.  I know, I missed a few days on here, but for good reason.  I had a little getaway, with just me, myself and I.  I really, really needed it.

I spent my alone time doing a lot of thinking, contemplating and praying.

I did some reading of this, loaned to me by my dear and wonderful friend, and read a little of this.

I ate some delicious food and treated myself to a beautiful cappuccino, the kind they serve with a spoon because the foam is incredible, see photo.

And I’ll admit, I did a little shopping, but just a little.

I spent an afternoon by the water, taking in the few rays of sun that shone before the rain began to fall.

I spent the night in a hotel, the bed was cold and lonely and there was no one to kiss me goodnight.

I bought gifts for my family, and then I began to miss them all.

So I came home and got the hugs and kisses that I missed.

It was a good time, being alone, mostly because it helped me to appreciate not being alone.