Spring Surprises 84/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

I’ve written about how much I love SPUD.com once before.  But today I kind of felt the love reciprocated, when I opened my delivery box and found a daffodil, a card, and a Lucy happy tote and a pair of Lucy yoga pants, for me, free.

All because I enjoy shopping through them.  Who wouldn’t?  Locally grown produce and organic groceries delivered to my door every week and they are all about customer service.  I once had a manager drive out to bring me a bag of coffee that hadn’t made it into my box like it was supposed to.  They also sell my favorite bacon cheaper than anyone else, I mean that alone earns my devotion, because you know how I love my bacon.

I can’t tell you how head over heels I am with these guys, and in my new yoga pants, I can easily pull off the head over heels look!

Interested in giving SPUD a try, use my promo code CRSEA-MILGEN to receive $25 off over your first 4 deliveries ($5 off each of your first 3 orders and $10 off your 4th).