Slow 80/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

Today I snacked on these. Macadamia nuts & blueberries.

Today was one of those days, a day that I felt like I was dragging myself around, pretending to be awake.

I was dog tired.  I was unmotivated.  It was a do nothing day and a nap was involved.

Today I also managed to:

have a conversation with my 12 year old about the importance of communication,

snuggle with a very cozy two year old for an hour,

render lard and make homemade tortilla chips to go with my kids’ lunch,

watch this neat film with the kids,

sit and visit my husband while he worked on a Jeep in his shop,

run my van’s battery dead while waiting for my boys to finish their TaeKwonDo class,

get rescued by my sweetheart who drove down to where I was stranded and jumped my battery,

give 7 goodnight kisses,

post on my blog for today.