The Visitor That Stayed 79/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

He arrived over a year ago.  We don’t know where he came from or where he really meant to go, but he stayed.

He stayed, despite the effort of neighbors to get rid of him.

Several months after he arrived, we began to call him “Kevin”, after the colorful bird on the movie “Up.”  The neighbors have since followed suit, and when they talk about him they refer to him by name.

Kevin is a lover.  He loves our hens. He can often be seen doing his little dance for the “girls” but they ignore him and  just keep scratching in the dirt.  But  Kevin doesn’t accept rejection, he knows love is somewhere in his future.  And so he continues his dance, every single day, several times a day.

He is really modest for such a beautiful, colorful creature and it took me many tries to get a decent photo of him “strutting his stuff”.

We have watched him grow and change into a beautiful bird and we feel so lucky that he chose our home to be his landing place.

Welcome Kevin, stay as long as you like.