Cultivating Hope 75/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

Tsunami devastation, nuclear meltdowns, radiation on the wind.

It is all so very sad, overwhelming, even scary.

But today I have decided to rest my thoughts, today I am taking a break from the bad news and taking the time to cultivate hope.

Today I am pouring over gardening magazines with a highlighter, marking all the new seeds I would like to try to cultivate in my garden this year. Thoughts of guilt flutter through my mind, but I let them go, because it is not my guilt to bear.  Instead, I turn to hope.

It’s cold and dark outside, but I have hope that the skies will eventually clear and the sun will shine again.

The garden is full of weeds and the perennial herbs are but brown skeletons of what they used to be, but I have hope that things will regrow, re-blossom, be green again.

In these hopeful thoughts, I can’t help but think thoughts of hope for Japan.

Hope for resilience, hope for peace in their anguish, hope for recovery.