Beauty in Tragedy 74/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

Tragedy.  It seems like it’s an epidemic.  We can hear or read about some tragic event somewhere in the world almost every day. We are made aware of loss and sadness.  We are made aware of our fragile humanity.

And yet every day millions of beautiful, joyful things are happening, even in Japan.  Survivors are being found, people are giving, and we are feeling the unity of mankind because of the earthquake tragedy. We hurt for them, and that is beautiful.

For me, it reminds me to love my little family while they are with me, and to try and live my life as beautifully as I can while I am still here.

To seek out those millions of beautiful, joys that are unfolding everyday. Sometimes we have to choose to see them.

Life can be brutal, and it can also be beautiful.  It’s a packaged deal.

Children.  They seem so simple, but there is so much wisdom in the way they live.  They forgive quickly, they are resilient, they find happiness in the simplest of things.  I watched my kids today, tossing around day old balloons, laughing and hollering, like there wasn’t a care in the world.

I wish they could be like this forever, chasing balloons, but I know that if they don’t feel those “cares”,  they won’t have the opportunity  to become stronger in heart, stronger in faith and they would never know how to give true comfort to someone who is hurting.  It’s a difficult thing for a mother to admit, but tragedy, sadness, and hurt are the tools that chisel out beauty of the soul.