Meet a Farmer & Her Turkeys 63/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

These guys live at the farm where we buy our raw goat milk.

I go to the farm once a week to pick up our milk, I like to park at the end of the drive and walk up.  It makes it more of a farm going experience, and on sunny afternoons it can be quite peaceful.  There are often chickens, dogs and sometimes kittens meandering around.  In the distance, in a pasture are chickens who produce eggs that they sell and beyond that pasture are the goats, that produce our milk.

Sometimes I catch the owner of the farm, Marcia, and we chit-chat about the animals.  When I first met these turkeys, there were about 8 of them milling around the milk cooler (it is an honor system set up, we leave our money in a jar and take what we need from the large refrigerator).  Marcia told me that they like to follow other animals and people around. Then she “gobbled” to them and in unison they gobbled back, it made me laugh.

This is where I feel my grocery money is best spent.

A few weeks back Marcia told me the turkeys had begun laying eggs.

The following week one of the farm hands tried to find a turkey egg for me to take and explained that the turkeys had become a little “annoying”.

Yesterday, I nearly had to run up the driveway, because after I took the above picture, these two came charging after me.  Nothing a firm stomp and some “shoo-shooing” couldn’t fix.

It really is a true farm experience.

I encourage you to get out and meet a local farmer, buy their products, they work so hard to produce our food.  In doing so, you know where your food is coming from, how it is produced, and you contribute to the livelihood of someone who is a lot like you, an average person working for a living.