The Sunset of Love 62/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

Last night we had a fight, us lovebirds.

Mistakes had been made, things were said, feelings were hurt, mostly mine. It happens in the best of couples.  In fact, I think that’s what makes the best of couples, the fights. Maybe not the fights, but the fighting through.

Allowing ourselves to get into the other person’s shoes, making compromises for the sake of love. It’s not pretending nothing is wrong when there is a problem, but acknowledging the problem and getting to the bottom of it.  I’m not talking about just brushing hurts under the rug to pull out on another day, I’m talking about coming to the place of true resolution for both people involved.  Coming to an understanding of each other.

Fighting through until it really is, OK again.

Caring enough to work for love. And I do, I love my husband like no other on earth. He is my balance in life, that opposite who helps me live out my full potential. But he is also that opposite who can irritate the hell out of me, and I mean it, sometimes he causes all of my “inner demons” to come out.

They say you often hurt the people you love the most, and vice versa.

Love is so complex and can only be truly felt when we embrace that complexity, and accept that there will be disagreements and hurt feelings, unmet expectations.

And then comes forgiveness, and its spouse, acceptance.  Their offspring is true, unconditional love.  This little family is essential in a growing, living relationship.

At our wedding the preacher spoke of not going to bed angry, and though I can’t say I have always followed his advice, I do think it is wise, and fitting.

When we’re not living in harmony, it is like a long dark night, and each time we work through a hard patch, it is like finding love all over again, like a cool spring morning, full of promise and hope.

Yes, it’s true, last night we had a fight, us lovebirds,
but today is a cool spring morning.