Self Portrait 20/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

I have been her worst critic.

And yet,

She is creative.  She tries, sometimes too hard.  And then she is smart enough to let go.  She is resilient.  She is strong, except for when she’s not.  She has faith and hope.  She is doing all she can to be healthy. She is beautiful, inside and out.  She can make you laugh.  She is smart.  She is a good cook. She is a dedicated mother and a faithful wife.  She struggles with wanting to be accepted even though what she really wants is to be different.  She loves deeply.  She has made it through the toughest of times.  She has savored the best of times. She is optimistic.  She learns from her mistakes.  She is grateful.  She is passionate about life. She has big dreams.

She also knows that the only person who can really hold her back is