Baking 18/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

I bet you’re wondering why there’s a picture of cookies here.  I bet you’re thinking about how cookies are loaded with flour and sugar, and you’re also thinking that I’m supposed to be grain free and sugar free, right!?  Right, and right.  Well guess what, these are absolutely grain, gluten, dairy and almost sugar free.  I say almost sugar free because the little chocolate chips I used are dairy, soy and gluten free but they do contain evaporated cane juice crystals, it’s called a compromise.  I will only eat a couple…or three.

Last week, we had snow at our house (it’s all gone now and so are the cookies), and while the house was quiet with the kids playing outside, I got the urge to bake cookies.  And I remembered this recipe. And while they use maple syrup for their sweetner, I chose to use xylitol.  As you can see they look a lot like refined flour and sugar filled chocolate chip cookies, but alas, they are not.