The Rethinking of Breakfast 9/365

by Girl Gone Domestic

When I had to go grain free, my first question was, what do I eat for breakfast?  I certainly didn’t want to eat eggs every morning, and I was informed by my Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist that it would be risky to do so, since consuming the same foods daily, within an already limited diet and with an impaired digestive track could cause [more] food allergies. He encouraged me to think outside of the box when it came to breakfast.  Now over a year later, I have a good system and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  My tips are: pick a different protein each day, pick a vegetable or two and add some healthy fat…cook it all together or separately, and you have a breakfast with staying power.  Here are some items I pulled out of my fridge for breakfast recently:

Gluten free, grain free, nitrite/nitrate free, MSG free, sugar-free italian chicken sausages (unfortunately NOT pasture raised, which is what I most often use when it comes to meat), a zucchini, the last bit of a couple of green onions and a shallot, all organic.  I removed the casings from the sausages and cooked it up in a decent amount of coconut oil, adding the chopped vegetables near the end.  This also works great with grass-fed steak strips and steamed kale, grass-fed ground beef and shredded carrot, you get the picture, it’s a mix & match type of thing.

This makes a large amount so I either, 1) eat half and save the other half for lunch, or 2) if I’m really hungry eat more than half and be full way past lunch time, only needing a snack before dinner time.

And there you have it, grain free breakfast 101.