Blackberry & Honey Goat Milk Kefir Ice Cream

by Girl Gone Domestic

I felt just a little silly buying blackberries at the farmer’s market last week because I know that up and down our road are endless amounts just beginning to ripen.  I do plan on getting out there and picking some, but I just couldn’t pass up those large and luscious organic ones at the market, they called to me.  Let’s just say I felt a lot less silly about buying those berries when I came up with this gem of an ice cream recipe.  Now I will be sure to get out and pick those ripening berries on our road…so I can make more of this!

If you aren’t familiar with kefir, you really should be.  It is a probiotic filled wonder of a beverage that you can drink alone, make pretty darn good smoothies with it, is great for soaking grains, is a wonderful substitute for buttermilk, and its easy to make.

Donna from Body Ecology explains kefir and its benefits as such:

“Kefir has a number of benefits. It aids in digestion and helps your body better process proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Kefir has also been used for thousands of years to boost the immune system and even provide anti-aging benefits. In short, kefir is an age old cultured food full of:  Calcium, Enzymes, Magnesium, Amino acids, B vitamins

Both milk kefir and yogurt can colonize your intestinal tract with friendly microflora, but store-bought yogurt does not contain nearly the amount of these “good guys” as milk kefir. Kefir is much more “alive.”

Milk kefir is one of the best probiotics to include in your diet if you want to keep weight off, prevent illness, and even reduce fatigue on a daily basis! Even better, this choice in probiotic foods is easy to make at home.”

I make my kefir with raw milk, sometimes cow’s, sometimes goat’s, it just depends on which I have most of.   You can even make it with pure cream or even coconut milk.  My last half-gallon batch I made with goat’s milk.

I recently purchased an ice cream maker in hopes of making my own ice creams sweetened with xylitol or honey and using wholesome raw milk.  I recently read that my favorite ice cream brand, Haagen Daz, uses bovine growth hormone filled milk, so the alternative is to make my own, and I’ve been loving it!

After reading on Facebook that someone  had made kefir ice cream, I decided to venture out and make my own.  It was a huge hit, slightly tangy and sweet, the blackberries added the perfect touch.  My husband says is was a little seedy, so maybe next time I’ll push half of the berries through a fine mesh sieve.

Blackberry & Honey Goat Milk Kefir Ice Cream

makes 2 quarts

1 1/2 cups plain goat milk kefir (though any kefir would work)

1 cup raw honey

3 cups heavy cream

1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

1 pint ripe organic blackberries

Wash berries, place in bowl and mash, leaving some larger chunks.  If desired, press half through a fine mesh sieve.  Drizzle with 1 tablespoon of honey, stir and let sit.  In a large bowl, mix kefir and honey until well blended.  Stir in cream, vanilla and blackberries. Freeze in your ice cream maker, after the manufacturer’s instructions.