Turning My Face to the Sun…

by Girl Gone Domestic

I know I’ve been pretty terrible lately about updating this poor forsaken blog.  Priorities change from week to week, day to day, but I always make it back…eventually.  Thanks to my patient, faithful readers that (as I can see by my blog stats) continue to check in.  So here’s the down low on happenings in my life.

Where have I been?

Online I have been busy supporting raw milk in my state.  I have been helping keep the Washington Alliance for Raw Milk Facebook fan page updated and have enjoyed interacting with fellow raw milk supporters.  We have gotten 134 fans in one month, its been  really exciting.  I also started a Twitter account for WAARM.  So by all means, if you have an account on either social networking sites, hook up.  Also, The Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale now has a website, you must see!

Why all this raw milk passion?

Benjamin!  If we didn’t have access to clean raw goat’s milk, he would probably be sadly malnourished. My boy can’t stomach pasteurized milk, not even if it comes from goats.  He has been my most vibrant, robust child (though Evelyn is right behind him) and I attribute it to the fact he has been drinking pure, clean raw goat’s milk since 13 months old.  I, at this point in my life, do not want to take up the task of raising and milking my own goats, so I am more than grateful that it can be legally sold and bought in our state, which is not the case in 22 states!

How have I been feeling?

Pretty fantastic!  I am still grain & sugar free and will probably stay so the majority of the time because it just feels better.  I am back to enjoying dairy again, which is great!  I feel stronger, have more energy, the irritability is gone and the clothes are getting pretty loose, and did I mention, I eat lots of butter, avocados, bacon, red meat & cream.  My new adopted motto concerning weight loss: We must get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy.  If something is amiss in your body, weight gain is usually a symptom, and try as you might, it probably won’t come off and if by chance it does, it probably won’t stay off…speaking from experience and new found knowledge.  Please check out Sean Croxton’s website.  He gave me direction, accountability, (and a few tests). He knows his stuff, I couldn’t have gotten on this path to wellness without him!

What have I been doing?

Well, to be honest, whatever I feel like!  Homeschooling has gotten so much easier, the children are such independent workers.  Some days we stay around here and other days we take spontaneous trips out.  I’m really trying to keep life relaxed, and it seems to be working, not that it never gets crazy around here!  I have been learning lessons: to speak without negativity even in the seemingly insignificant situations, to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, to be my husband and kids’ honest to goodness biggest fan, to do yoga (which I am loving 2x a week), to listen more and mean it, to smile more because I mean it.

In a nutshell:

The kids grow, the seasons change, some days are busy, most are relaxed.  I am living for today and hoping for tomorrow, and like a plant with its face turned toward the sun, I am growing, changing, and the fruit is forming!