Assignment #1 Real Food Challenge, Cleaning Out the Cupboards

by Girl Gone Domestic

So yesterday was the first day of the 28 day Real Food Challenge and I received the first assignment in my inbox.  At first I thought, no big deal, we’ve been eating pretty well.  Well, I was very surprised to see just how much contraband I  actually had stashed, here is about 3/4 of the stuff I found, and I still haven’t hit the food supply we keep in the the garage, which is where I stash the cold cereal my husband buys.  But I thought if I got the pantry & the fridge cleaned out, I’d be off to a great start.   I’ll be donating the unopened things to a food bank, the compost pile was fed the rest.

I saw someone comment on the discussion board, that when you eat real food, there is more space in your cupboard and less in your fridge!

And its true, just look how clean this pantry is!

Today, Assignment # 2, Choose Wholesome Food, which gave tips on how to shop, was timely, I had just received an order from US Wellness meats, full of great salami, summer sausage, bologna, jerky, and sugar free, gluten free hotdogs, made without preservatives and nitrates or nitrites and made with grass fed beef, so, so yummy.  I even ordered some Braunschweiger to try get some more iron into our diet. Next up, Saturday will bring me half  a grass fed lamb from a local farm. Yum! This may be easier than I thought!   Stay tuned, this is going to be fun & delicious, or better yet join the challenge yourself!