Happy Thanksgiving from My House to Yours

by Girl Gone Domestic

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving doing the things you are thankful for, with the people you are thankful for. I am thankful that my Dad is such an awesome photographer and that he caught these cool shots of our day for me to share.

Turkey is good, but its even better when your Dad watches Food Network and learns how to carve a turkey like this.

(Thank you Bobby Flay)

My Dad calls him “Simon the pie man”. Ironically, just before bed, “Simon the pie man” informed me  that he didn’t have any pie.  I informed him that breakfast is only hours away, and pie it is!

And to remind me that everything can’t always be perfect, pumpkin pie…overcooked.  But at least I remembered the sugar after they were in the oven, but before they had begun to set, I know, you wonder how I did it, it was the perfect save!

These two downed three bottles of sparkling cider between them. They were proud…and they burped a lot.

Clearing his empties.

And then we color and play Chutes and Ladders.

Her first Thanksgiving!

“We should have Thanksgiving more often!”

And the joke of the night, told by my 8 year old brother Crosby:

Crosby: Why did the pilgrim eat the candle?

Me: I don’t know.

Crosby: “Because he wanted a light snack.”