Family Camping at Mount St. Helens

by Girl Gone Domestic

This past weekend we took the kids and headed down to Mount St. Helens to camp, we had camped there about ten years ago and thought the kids would really get a kick out of the experience.   It was a lot of work, but all in all I think everyone had a great time.  We learned a lot about the volcano, and I was particularly amazed at how the area has regrown in the ten years since we last visited.


Evie fits right in with nature…she fits it right in her mouth!


Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980

Some facts we learned:

-The eruption leveled 230 square miles of forest in less than 10 minutes.

-The mountain lost 1300 feet of height and .67 cubic miles of volume.

-The eruption began with a massive landslide that buried 14 miles of river valley to an average depth of 150 feet.

-The landslide produced a sideways explosion killing trees up to 17 miles north of the volcano.

-A vertical ash eruption rose to a height of 15 miles above the crater and continued for 9 hours.  In two weeks that ash circled the globe.

-57 people were killed.


Happy Campers.


Our campsite was on the Swift Reservoir, it was beautiful at dusk. (Peter and Evelyn are sitting on a stump in the bottom right.)


On a nature hike.  Ben is really digging this photo opt!


Reaching for the sky!

To see more of our trip feel free to visit my Flickr Photostream.