Father, Friend, Food

by Girl Gone Domestic

Father’s Day.  I really have a lot to celebrate.  My Dad, only 18 years older than I, is one of my dearest friends.  In a way I feel like we grew up together.  We share a love for good music and good food.  My Dad was born in France in 1957, and true to his birth place, he LOVES good food.  He is not afraid to enjoy butter or cream.  When I cook for him, it is cooking for my best critic, he tastes and enjoys every detail.  He savors.  It’s the way he lives.  It is he who made sure I captured our afternoon together.


Dad’s favorite, Chicken Pot Pie made with local vegetables, pastured chicken and heavy cream, in a buttery crust.


My Dad and his constant & handy companion


A special dessert for a special day


Evelyn enjoys her Papa on Father’s Day

An afternoon to remember.  Thank You Dad for being such a great Dad and for teaching me to enjoy each moment, I’m still learning and you are a great teacher.  I love you!