A Trick of the Trade

by Girl Gone Domestic

So I thought I would start sharing little tips I use to simplify life with 8. Organization comes easy for me, and though I’m not a clean freak (these days), it doesn’t take much to get my house tidy because of the underlying organization.  By the way, please do not drop in on me anytime soon, my house is a complete dump right now! :) Its a never-ending battle and I am constantly trying to come up with ways to keep myself from being a slave to housework.  So I thought I’d share things I learn on my journey from bondage to freedom.

First dilema: Hydrating the children without filling the dishwasher.

I like my kids to drink water throughout the day, its good for detoxing the body and hydrating.  I do not like the resulting pile of glasses that comes from my kids drinking water throughout the day.  I encourage them to use their cups over, but the question was always, “whose is whose”?

Trick of the Trade:

Mug tree and mugs.  With name tags.

My dad gave me this mug tree as a gift with some cute mugs, cute breakable mugs.  So up went the cute mugs, out of kids’ reach and in came some equally cute enameled tin mugs I got at a garage sale (circa 1950s).  I used my printer to create name tags for each limb and adhered them with scotch tape, making sure front and back of the paper tag was completely covered with tape to block out water.  The result works.  The kids get their drink and  return their cup to the limb with their name on it, no question as to whose cup is whose. And since they are only used for water, I wash the cups only as often as needed. Problem solved.