Local & Organic on My Doorstep

by Girl Gone Domestic

I’d like to introduce you to my new kitchen helper.  Having 6 kids makes it more than a little difficult to head to the Farmer’s Market mid week, but no worries…meet Small Potatoes Urban Delivery aka SPUD.  Its so remarkably easy.  Once a week I go online and check what goodies they have put into “my Fresh Harvest box”, based on my preferences, then I can add or remove produce to fit my needs (or desires).  Then its on to breads, dairy, and a host of other organic groceries.  And if you try to support local vendors like I do, no worries, all the items local to you are marked local, making it so easy.  I also love their newsletter that features local farmers and vendors, so you get to know the people behind the product, Farmer’s Market style.  I recently read about the family that grew the asparagus I had gotten through SPUD (that I had been thoroughly enjoying).  Real people, real food. And if you are concerned about particular ingredients in your food, even in your foods labeled “organic”, they have lists of ingredients for viewing. I really appreciate the fact that I can see what is in the breads I choose.


I don’t even have to be home, they drop this on my doorstep and its complete with dry ice, insulated bags & ice packs.  The ice packs, bags & bins are picked up each week when my new order comes.


I haven’t had any complaints about the produce I receive, and if I did have a problem I know Spud would take care of it.  Its so exciting to open up my bin and see the colorful produce arrangement.


I love the assortment of fresh and bake at home breads, artisan sourdoughs, potato breads, ect. all from local bakers.  I freeze them and throw them in the oven for that crispy fresh baked bread taste.

I recently enjoyed some fabulous desserts from Seattle’s Eat Local too. SPUD carries a whole assortment of Eat Local products.

I’ve been using SPUD since 2007 and its great for busy Moms or working folks, its just so easy. I encourage you to give SPUD a peek and see if they will deliver to you.  And if you decide to place that first order, save $25 on your first 4 orders, that’s $5 off the first three orders and $10 off the fourth, just use the promo code CRSEA-MILGEN.  And a note about shipping, its free if I spend $53 or more, can’t beat that!  Check ’em out.