Girl Gone Domestic Introduces Her Frugal Family

by Girl Gone Domestic

I’d like to introduce you all to my Arizona in law, Heidi,  


she is the owner of a money saving blog called Frugal Girls.  She has lots of great money saving tips and fun giveaways.  

This week she is having a giveaway that I think is great! Its a “green” giveaway, a $25 gift card to Eco Store USA.  You all know what I think about chemical laden cleaning supplies, and while I like to make my own healthy cleaning supplies, I would never pass up the opportunity to receive some for free. I had never heard of Eco Store USA before this giveaway, and after looking into them, I’m impressed!   They have everything from body wash to laundry detergent. So head on over to the giveaway, and enter to win, especially if you’re still using commercial cleaning supplies to clean your home, this might help you make the switch…doesn’t it seem ironic to “clean” our homes with “nasty” chemicals!?