GMO Free Tortillas

by Girl Gone Domestic


I usually avoid anything with soy or canola in it, because 1) Soy is tough on an already compromised thyroid (which I have) and 2) canola & soy are usually genetically modified.  There is however one area where I let myself compromise…flour tortillas…I love flour tortillas.  I have tried to make the break from them, but my love runs deep.  I’ve tried brown rice tortillas, sprouted tortillas, and I even tried organic corn, but there are times when a soft white (or even wheat) flour tortilla is the only tortilla to fill the need (or should I say, desire).  Show me a flour tortilla that doesn’t have soybean oil, canola oil, hydrogenated oils, soy flour, high fructose corn syrup, and a host of preservatives and I will forever be indebted!  The fact is, I have yet to find one and the brown rice and sprouted ones are expensive and usually have 6 in a package, in our family that leaves one person lacking.  

But then comes The GMO Challenge.  One month, no genetically modified foods, one woman with a flour tortilla problem. Solution?  Make my own.  Recipe?  All the recipes I found used crisco, but then I came across this YouTube video that said you could substitute the crisco for 7 tablespoons of oil, and then my brain kicked in.  Duh?  I could use extra virgin olive oil, and for that matter lard.  I didn’t have any lard on hand, so my first shot at homemade flour tortillas was with olive oil.  An extra note: Be careful about the baking powder you use, most baking powders contain cornstarch, often genetically modified.  I use Rumford’s, it says its GMO free right on the can. 

So were they light and soft and pliable?  Ummm, not exactly, did they work fine for huevos rancheros on Saturday morning, yes, quite well!  I have some refining to do and am looking forward to making some with some good lard (grass fed, can get some pork fat at my meat co-op, may need to render my own, there was a time when I laughed at my friend for having me pick her up some pork fat for lard, I’ve come a long way) but this is definitely a step in the no GMO direction, and I feel satisfied.  


Oh yes, I feel satisfied!