Family + Girl = Optimism

by Girl Gone Domestic

I just got done reading this article, Having a Sister Makes You Happier and More Optimistic, fascinating to say the least. The article suggests that having at least one girl in the family encourages communication and expression of feelings, which in turn causes us to be more happy and optimistic. 

Just another reason to be thankful for our sisters and daughters, they encourage communication.  I’ll try to remember that the next time Hannah is yaking my ear off!  And interestingly enough, Hannah is also the first of the kids to get Evelyn to coo at her.   

I started to wonder if I would ever be blessed with a sister, but alas, eight weeks before I had my first child (Samuel), my sister Natalie was born.  She was born with Down Syndrome and an irreparable heart defect.  She died at 9 months of age.  On the 14th of May, it would have been her 11th birthday.  Sad, I  know, but God did not forget me, on March 16th, 2000, he gave me another sister, and a healthy one too.  Sophia & I are 24 years apart, but sisters nonetheless.  We both share the doting love of our father, and a heap full of brothers!   So thanks Sophie, you have given me optimism! ;)


Miss Sophie (a DGG Photo)


Aunt & Niece (a DGG Photo)


See, girls also encourage physical affection, Hannah with my brothers. (a DGG Photo)


I felt so sisterly fixing Miss Sophie’s hair on Easter, she looked so pretty!

(another DGG photo, he is our personal family photographer, oh, and he is also the doting Dad of Sophie & I :))