Internet Addict’s Fried Egg Recipe

by Girl Gone Domestic

This is a new breakfast recipe I tried today, it requires very little effort. The ingredients are few.

Internet Addict’s Fried Egg

1 egg (preferably an expensive free range egg)

1 pat of butter (preferably expensive organic butter)

sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

First melt butter in fry pan over medium-lo heat.  Crack egg into pan and sprinkle with salt & pepper.  Put lid on pan, turn heat to low.  Then walk back to computer and check email, find out that someone new is following you on Twitter, check out all the other people they are following (which might be something like 1,085) and click on their links to their blogs.  Just pretty much get lost in internet land.  When you smell a slightly buttery burnt egg-like smell, your egg is finished!  I’m telling you this is one of the easiest recipes ever!


P.S.  In case you are sleep deprived like Maria,  please do not take this post seriously, it is meant to be a joke!