by Girl Gone Domestic

I grew up with all brothers, my only sister is 9 years old, we are 24 years apart.  I have 8 brothers.  So when Hannah tells me she prayed for our Evelyn, I understand.  I remember when my brother Andrew was born, I was 8 years old, just like Hannah, when I found out my mom had had a baby boy, I cried.  Then I started having my own children, first a boy, then another, then alas, my girl.  She brought out my hidden love for pink, and prettier things.  As she has grown she has had to keep up with her boys who now total four, so a little of her femininity has been sacrificed.  And then came Evie, and because of her coming, Hannah and my love for girly things is encouraged!  So here they are, my girls, I am enjoying the experience of sisterhood through them!