Library Day Chaos

by Girl Gone Domestic

As some of you may know Friday in our house means library day.  This library day started out like most others, well, it started…with breakfast.  But that’s beside the point, its what happened while I was in the shower that’s the point of this post.  We have this little man who lives in our house and he is the source of much joy and much gnashing of teeth.  Thanks to the artistic side of this little man, the markers and crayons are usually kept up on a high shelf, not to be gotten down unless permissed and only to be used at the kitchen counter.


  Well, my mistake, I let Hannah get the art basket down while I was in the shower, without supervision, my bad, my bad!  She then proceeded to leave it on her bedroom floor, which is where the little artist happened upon it, and unleashed the art in his heart!  Not only did he color purple marker all over the walls in the kids room that are primed for painting, but he did a cosmetic number on his face as well.  See below…


At first he smirked, of course it didn’t help that I had the camera pointed at him, we camera touting blogging moms like to confuse our kids that way.


But then when the hard questions were asked, he refused to make eye contact, a sure sign of guilt, that and the marker all over his face!


When I said that he would now have to go to the library with marker on his face, he had some deep thoughts, hopefully remorseful ones.

Luckily for him, Hannah knew she was in trouble for breaking our art basket operation guidelines, so she came in and scrubbed his face clean, and now only a light shade of lilac remains, and we were able to walk into the library without shame and public criticism! ;)