This Week’s Highlights & Favorites

by Girl Gone Domestic

Reads of my week:

Table for Eight  Raising a large family in a small-family world

Great book for mothers of three or more!  This book, written by a mother of four boys, covers everything from budgeting to discipline to snappy comebacks for those annoying comments you might receive when you venture into public with your brood.  My favorite comments and comebacks:

Comment: “Are they all yours?”  Snappy Comeback the book recommends:  “No, they just keep following me home like stray puppies…”

and in close second but slightly coarse:

Comment: “Don’t you know what causes that?”  Snappy Comeback:  “Yes, and it appears I’m getting more of it than you are.” or with a dumb, innocent look:  “I’m not sure.  Why don’t you explain it to me?”

And this one:

Are you going to have anymore?”  Comeback: “Are you?”

Hilarious, helpful, and heartfelt, highly reccommended.

My second read for the week is:

Less  Accomplishing More by Doing Less

Excerpt from Less: “This book is about the benefits of doing less in a world that has increasingly embraced a crazy kind of more — more activity, more things, and even strangely, more exhaustion.  More running in circles to fulfill someone else’s requirements.  This book presents a different, calmer and surprisingly productive way of approaching work and life.” 

This book is directed more for the workplace but can be applied to every area of our lives.  So do “less” and sit down and read this book!


Purchase of my week:

I picked one of these up at the Food Co-op, and boy do I love it!  Its like doing dishes with a cloud, its sooo very soft, and eco friendly to boot.  Twist also has a bunch of  other great cleaning items to choose from, all equally non-toxic.


Snack of my week:

I picked up a pack of Tribe Hummus Snack Packers, 16- 2oz. containers for $4.99, at Costco.  To go along with them, I also purchased a 24 of Earthbound Farm Organic Mini Peeled Carrots in 2 oz. snack packs for under $5 as well, also at Costco.  These are perfect for throwing in the diaper bag for the kids & I to munch on while we’re out and about, and healthy to boot!  Curbs the drive thru temptation.  

Some of you may wonder what I was doing at Costco, since I had claimed to have given it up, and the fact is I hadn’t been to Costco in almost a year, but unfortunately you can’t beat Costco’s price when it comes to pure maple syrup and my favorite bread.  After I purchased a loaf at my local Haggen for $4.96, I decided I’d better go to Costco and take advantage of their 2 for $4.55 deal.  It seemed cost effective, but who knew I would come across such great snacks! ;)  So what started as a bread and syrup trip, turned out to be much, much more, that’s Costco for you!


Project of my week:

Is this a joke!?  Ha, as if I have time for projects!!  There was a time when I did projects (and read as well) and I am sure the time will come again, but for now…does scheduling dentist appointments for 6 people count!?  How about loading the dishwasher?  Trust me, loading the dishwasher at our house is like remodeling the kitchen, the difference in appearance is remarkable!