A Month in the Life…

by Girl Gone Domestic

OK, you can stop wondering about us.  We are fairing well, with little mishaps here and there, mostly Benjamin induced.  The house is NOT spotless, the laundry is NEVER caught up, but I will say the days of fast & convience food are over (except for maybe on weekends), in fact I have a chicken cooking right now.  The fact that my bed is unmade, I am still in my PJs, the bathrooms are filthy and the house is a bit messy doesn’t feel so bad, because I have a chicken cooking.  “Small steps”, that’s my motto these days, it goes like this:                      

first step,  Coffee (& a glass of water for health’s sake)

next step, feed kids  

next step, nurse & change crying baby

next step, change super smelly diaper that Ben is touting and that other kids are complaining about

next step, feed self, ect., ect., ect.,  you get the picture.  Its just one thing at a time and then on to the next, moment by moment, and remembering to cherish each before it passes, well, maybe not the super smelly diaper moment, but definitely the wriggling boy who produced it.

Here is an update through photos of our past month…


Evelyn’s first bath, enjoyed thoroughly.


Preparing for our first big outing.


Meeting cousin Natalie


Had a visit from my brother David and his wife Shannon and kids. They live in California and we were able to introduce each other to our new babies, a load of fun with all the kids.






Evelyn induces daytime sleeping.


Cuddling with her biggest brother.


Cuddling with her smallest brother


First smiles, and glimpses of blue eyes.


Benny finds several uses for permanent markers while Mama is nursing Evie, which include creating his own faux lip and nose piercing (above), and below, interior design in my room.


I have also had to fish a small toy from his nose, which is where, I’m sure the permanent marker had also been heading, capture him after several escapes outside wearing PJs and rubber boots, and stop him from trying to nurse Evelyn while I’ll made bread.  Yes, he got her into his lap, and his shirt was up!

So, my last step, which was to update this blog, is now complete!

Next step, play Candyland with a patient 4 year old, and I might even throw a little multi-tasking in there and nurse & change a crying baby!   So at this point the PJs stay on, I will try to get to the get dressed step before Peter makes it home from work! ;)