For the Love of Evelyn & My Hero

by Girl Gone Domestic


Yes, I am a little infatuated with this baby girl. She has our family swooning.  Hannah told me that she is God’s answer to her prayers, she prayed for a sister.  

If you had four brothers, wouldn’t you!?


Some of you may remember that old song, “I Need a Hero”.  Yeah, I know, corny, but I don’t need to sing it, thank God, because I have a real live hero, right here in my home.  

Peter took the whole week off, unpaid, to take care of the kids & I.  He has brought me breakfast in bed every morning, after staying up with Evelyn and I sometimes past midnight.  Evelyn already adores her Papa, turning when she hears his voice. The kitchen has been kept clean, the laundry kept up and the kids cared for.  He has also patched holes in walls, put in a few new outlets, grocery shopped, and he is the master baby burper!  But alas, come Monday, we must let him go back to his real job, and we are expecting serious withdrawls!   

Thank you Sweetheart!