Coral-ing the Cowboys, a Cheap Room Makeover

by Girl Gone Domestic

This Saturday we moved our two big boys into the smaller bedroom of our house.  We touched up the walls with paint, and got it looking quite masculine and cowboyish, they are pretty happy with the outcome and I am happy because it only cost me $20!

Their very own study/computer area.


Our last touch will be reading lights and small shelves on the wall above each bunk, and maybe if I feel motivated I might sew some cowboy bedding, we’ll see.  

But for now its on to the next bedroom, which is already costing me a bundle in primer and paint because I made the smart choice in paint, no VOCs included.  I have my colors, yes, that’s plural, I chose two, this is going to be a gender neutral room for Hannah, Simon & Ben. I had to buy primer to cover the very bright blue the room used to be.  Well, I must be off, I’ve got work to do, as if I hadn’t enough already!