The Confessional

by Girl Gone Domestic

We ate Mc Donald’s for dinner last night.  Simon slept on a bed with no sheets.  He woke up only to discover he had no clean underwear in his drawer, but there were a bunch in the dryer.  Benny just walked into the room chewing on day old fries, and I didn’t stop him.  I haven’t made my bed all week, but today I will.  There is a Top Pot Doughnut sticker stuck to my bedroom floor, I think its been there for a few days.  I have no idea where my cell phone is, its probably dead somewhere.  I have overdue library books.  I should be cooking breakfast, but I’m blogging this confessional, in order to keep it real!  There, I feel so much better! I’m off to conquer the world, well, maybe just my little world.