Tomato Sauce for the Freezer, T-shirts for the Baby

by Girl Gone Domestic

I got this tomato sauce recipe for the freezer at The Bountiful Harvest, though I adjusted it a bit. I added more salt, and when it was done simmering, I put it through the blender, instead of the food mill, then I put it in my crock pot for the rest of the day.  It tasted just fine and I hope it works for spaghetti sauce, lasagne, ect, because I have a ton more tomatoes to go!  This is the finished product, ready to go into the deep freeze until needed.


So would you believe it, I have 2 and a half months to go before baby makes his/her entry into the world and I hadn’t bought a thing, that is until now.  I saw that these organic onesises were on sale at Target so I purchased a few packs. I’m not sure about the necessity of organic clothing, but I figured I couldn’t go wrong for my wee one, and they cost just a bit more than the regular ones.  When I got them home and opened the packages, wow!  I couldn’t believe the difference in softness, they didn’t have that starchy new feel, they were wearable soft!  

And they are made in India with organic cotton grown there, which if you’ve heard about the hardship the cotton farmers have gone through, thanks largely to the big bad seed/pesticide company called Monsanto, you would understand why I feel I made a perfect choice in spending the $2.00 more for organic.  

Below is a video about what those Indian farmers have been going through.