Boys, Bugs, Snakes & Becoming Men

by Girl Gone Domestic

My 10 year old Samuel has been on a money making kick, at the rate he’s going he’ll be a millionaire before he’s a teen, and I’ll be flat broke!  He has regular chores he has to do every day without pay, I tell him its his way of contributing to our family, but I realize that a guy needs a little spending money, so he is allowed to do odd jobs of my choosing at the rate of $3.00 an hour, (what can I say I’m a cheap skate).  The other day he came to me and asked if he could mow our lawn with the push mower, now, mind you, we have a riding lawn mower, because we have a heck of a lot of grass to mow, but he probably knew better than to ask his protective, paranoid mother to use the rider, maybe when he’s gotten his driver’s license.  Well, I hemmed and hawed, and told him to call his Dad to see what he thought, all I could envision was a missing foot, OK, maybe just a few toes, it does happen you know.  I mean he is inexperienced, never handled a mower before, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for such a milestone.  First they start mowing the lawn, then they want to borrow the keys to the car.  Well Dad said yes and off he went on his first man-sized job, and much to the joy of my mother’s heart was right back to ask for his Mama’s help, so I gave him a quick tutorial on starting it and mowing patterns, and some serious safety lessons about the danger of moving blades and missing members.  And he was good to go.  It took him about 2 hours, and he missed a few spots, but all in all, I think I have a new lawn man.

He’s beat!  

Here he is starting the mower.  This stretch of lawn is about a fourth of our total lawn, at this point he was about three-fourths done, what a trooper, and all for $6.00!  (I may feel a tinge of guilt, but just a tinge.)


A couple of days ago, Peter backed out of the driveway heading to the grocery store and where his car had been parked was a very fat brown and orange caterpillar, like I had never seen before.  As the kids tormented it, I went and googled “fat brown caterpillar” and found that it was a Tiger Swallowtail Larva that was nearly ready to form a chrysalis.  We put it in a half gallon mason jar and today it is a chrysalis, so now we are waiting to see this fascinating metamorphosis.

I know this picture is blurry, here it looks like a caterpillar on a branch, but today its looks like a little woody piece of the branch.  Its really remarkable, it has totally changed into something very different.  So now we wait.


Jon caught a baby Garter Snake yesterday, for a snake it was actually a little bit cute, he kept it in abox for a few hours, and then let go on his own, I’ve tried to teach him wild things should remain wild.  And besides, garter snakes eat slugs, which I detest, so hopefully that little garter is in my garden getting nice and fat!

And now I must leave you all and reign in the midgets, who seemed to have forgotten that they were told to do their math while I blogged, such short term memories, and at such a young age!