A Week in Grangeville Idaho

by Girl Gone Domestic

We just returned from spending a week in Idaho with dear friends.  It was a full, and exciting time on their little homestead.  The husbands took off for a week of hiking in the Selway, while us ladies stayed behind to care for the midgets, drink plenty of tea and talk to our hearts content.  It was pleasantly wild with 17 children and 3 mothers and one long suffering teenager for hire.  In the end,  despite the fun, we were all happy to return to life as usual.  

This cozy cabin was home for a week

The view from the front porch

Only Donna knows what I really think of when I see this photo.

The McGuigan’s garden

Miss Olivia helps with the watering

The billy goat, can you say ugly?


Our little room was just above this hay pile

After the carrots were thinned, Jon fed them to the goats

Our alarm clock

Wet & dirty, yet happy

We all learned very quickly to avoid this grey grouch!

These rose hips are loaded with vitamin C, the McGuigan kids eat them right off the bush.