I Was Tempted and I Did Not Flee

by Girl Gone Domestic

I am in love!  


I just couldn’t help myself!  


It was love at first sight really!  


OK maybe it was lust.  


I wanted no other.  


And so I went against my better judgement, and…


…shopped online for the best deal!  


Since the day I tried these on I wanted them and that was months ago.  They were on sale.  I paid no shipping.  Does that ease my conscience?  No, but putting them on for the first time and knowing they were my very own and we would never part did! 

I know, I know, I blogged about unnecessary spending, but these were a need, I am a pregnant woman, I need shoes that support my back.  And Earth Shoes are so well made I may very well never have to buy another pair of brown shoes, at least not until I’m 50.  And I promise my other brown shoes will go to the thrift store to be donated.  I am NOT accumulating brown shoes, it goes against the Simple Life.  Well, I guess its good I didn’t join the Mamas on the Compact or Crunchy Chicken’s August Challenge just yet!