Single Mother for the Weekend & Pics of Breakfast

by Girl Gone Domestic

So the hubby took the two oldest boys and headed out to the coast for some male bonding over the weekend, I stayed home with the three youngest.  I was hoping to have a fun weekend void of housework and cooking and featuring a day at the beach with my friend Maria on Friday, catching a matinee of Wall-e with the kids on Saturday, and then church on Sunday.  But alas, plans don’t always turn out as we hope!  Though I did get in the day with Maria, which pretty much saved my weekend, the rest of the weekend was spent at home with a vomiting, feverish 4 year old.  

All in all it was a pretty peaceful weekend.  I had a lot of time on my hands, so I visited with my other dear friend, the internet, you know, blog surfing.  I came across this blog called Pics of Breakfast and though I usually don’t do things like this, I submitted some photos of a breakfast that I happened to have from one of Maria and my Saturdays in Seattle.  So the latest post on some stranger’s blog is about me eating breakfast, check it out!  I can’t help but feel a little famous!