Meeting the Midwife

by Girl Gone Domestic

Tonight I met with my new midwife, we had met once before at a birth when I was about 16.  She has a very cheery disposition and I am looking forward to going through this pregnancy with her.  She also has another midwife/naturopath she works with so she will also be involved, I’ll meet her next time.  Though she has a beautiful birth center, my goal is to (assuming all goes normal) have this baby at home, like all the others.  We heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time, nice and strong, beats in the 160s.  According to an old wives’ tale, the faster the baby’s heart beats, the more likely it will be a girl.  I guess we’ll see about that.  I have to admit that my preference leans on the female side, since we only have one, but either way, it’ll be wonderful.