A More Tolerable Milk & Thrift Store Steals

by Girl Gone Domestic

  This is Benny, he’s 15 months old.  Benny was weaned at 13  months because of my present pregnancy.  Since he was  over a year he went from nursing to cow’s milk, no big deal,  right!?  Wrong.  He developed a diaper rash that bled and  would not go away, and a raised spotty rash on his tummy  and cheeks.  I began to wonder and read and research. I  came to the conclusion that Benny’s little system could not  handle cow’s milk, so we made the switch to goat’s milk,  and BAM!, the diaper rash disappears, spots gone, and  Benny’s is a happier, chubbier little man.  You see, goat’s  milk is much easier for the  human body to digest, because  it has a different kind of protein and the milk-fat particles are smaller than cow’s milk’s, so its perfect for infants and adults who have intolerances to cow’s milk.  Since I am a real milk advocate, we drive about 10 minutes to this little goat farm near our house, to get unpasteurized, hormone & antibiotic free milk for my little guy’s tender tummy. Here are more real milk facts for your reading pleasure, hopefully you’ll be as enlightened as I was!    

On Wednesday I woke up in a very irritable mood after staying up way too late the night before. Unfortunately the kids weren’t very compassionate, and so I decided to load them up and get out for some retail therapy.  The only problem is after reading Elaine St. James book, Living the Simple Life, I have been re-evaluating my spending habits, and trying to avoid over consumption in order to embrace simple living.  So instead of heading to my local department store, I decided to head to my local second hand store.  It is easier to buy too much at a department store, because everything is there, shiny and new, begging you to buy. You usually can find what you want and what you really don’t need, “but its on sale, so, I might as well”.  At a second hand store you are less likely to find what you want, because most of the stuff is junk,  and you are not likely to pick up a broken coffee pot “because it was such a good deal!”  I find it a way to pass time and I don’t have to expect the kids to act like angels, and if I find something, its like finding buried treasure!  I put a limited amount of money in my wallet, so I would not be tempted to overspend, and I did not.  I came away with my first maternity outfit for this pregnancy, I had gotten rid of my previous maternity clothes, thinking my body would not be morphing ever again, but alas… The jeans are real maternity jeans, but the shirt is just a gauzy flowing shirt that will encompass a growing belly perfectly.  And the best part, I paid a whopping $9.00!  Now that is true retail therapy!  Reduce, reuse, recycle!