First Blog & Healthy Shower Curtains

by Girl Gone Domestic

So here I am, blogging, weird!  I have succumbed to the peer pressure.  I’ll forgive myself,  I’m sure.  

So, on to healthy shower curtains.  As I was taking my shower, my new greener mind was thinking about the grungy vinyl shower curtain liner that needed to be replaced.  That’s when it hit me (for the first time), TOXIC VINYL! You see, those lovely vinyl shower curtains we buy for about $9.99 release Volatile Organic Compounds. Don’t let the word “organic” fool you, VOCs are chemicals that easily turn into gases and contaminate the air (its no wonder it took me so long to realize I had a toxic shower curtain, I was inhaling toxic fumes!).  The list of health problems these chemicals cause is sickening, literally!

To name just a few:


Liver & Kidney Damage

Narcotic Effects

Skin, Respiratory & Eye Irritation

Possible Carcinogens

And many more!!

To read more about the dangers of vinyl read this.  

The solution?  I found some great cotton & hemp shower curtains that cost an arm and a leg (but will last nearly forever with proper care), and I will be needing two.  I also looked into buying fabric and making my own, but it appears that with the cost of the fabric and a grommet setting kit, it’ll run nearly the same, and cost me more time. I believe its time for another green investment,  but I think my family’s health is worth it!